Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Reasons for Annual Travel Insurance

  • days, with more and more people adopting a do it yourself internet-based approach to their holiday arrangements, getting suitable travel insurance cover in place is obviously important.
  • the most appropriate choice from the various options available is therefore crucial:
  • for a start, you may need to consider the differences between annual and single trip cover;
  • a single trip policy typically covers the duration of your holiday and associated travel plans. If you take just one holiday per year then this option would obviously be adequate for you;
  • if you are a more frequent traveller though, arranging cover for each trip is not your only option and you may benefit from an annual policy which would provide cover for multiple trips in a twelve month period. That may turn out to be a much more convenient and cost-effective option;
  • with an annual policy, you may also need to give some thought to just where you are planning to head off to over the course of the year. Different policy options may exist depending on whether your proposed destinations are in the UK, Europe or more further afield like the US or Australia;
  • of course, as with any type of insurance, holiday cover is based on the perceived levels of risk involved;
  • for example, if you are a sports enthusiast seeking out the ski slopes at every opportunity then your cover needs may be very different to those of someone opting for a more sedate type of holiday;
  • similarly, if all you take with you is a beach towel and a couple of books, then your loss should your baggage be lost or stolen may be very different to someone travelling with a full set of golfing equipment;
  • annual policies do exist and here at BenGo Travel we can provide you with flexible cover to match most combinations and situations;
  • obviously one of the most important aspects of annual holiday cover relates to any illness or injury that you may suffer while you are away and which requires emergency medical treatment. Your entitlement to even basic treatment outside of the UK, even with a European Health Insurance Card, may be more limited than what you are used to. Furthermore, if you need to be repatriated, the costs without insurance cover may be prohibitive;
  • bear in mind too that holiday cover doesn't just start when you set off on your trip. From the moment you pay for your holiday you are financially exposed should you have to cancel for any reason due to illness or if your arrangements are disrupted for reasons beyond your control such as flight cancellations or delays etc.
  • appropriate annual holiday cover in place can provide you with the peace of mind that you have done everything you can to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.