Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Secure your freedom – backpackers insurance

You may have bought your tickets, held that farewell party for all your friends and workmates, filled the backpack that hold all you need for your big adventure – but there remains one seemingly insurmountable obstacle. Just how do you reassure your parents and other family members that your journeys to distant lands are as safe as they might like?

Government advice

One of the things you might do in these circumstances is to point them in the direction of the government’s own website at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), which offers advice to travellers about potentially unsafe or dangerous hotspots around the world. Not only does the site contain a list of those countries best avoided, but also has helpful tips and advice about staying safe in those parts of the world where violence or unrest may blow up at any time.


Perhaps the most reassuring precaution to show to those loved ones you are leaving behind, however, is your decision to take out the appropriate insurance.

Here at Bengo Travel we are familiar with the natural concerns and anxieties likely to be felt by family members – just as we appreciate that backpackers insurance might not have been at the top of your list of your departure arrangements.

Cover to suit your pocket

One of the reasons for such reticence on your part might be the perceived cost of this type of security – insurance premiums might be one of the last things on which you want to spend your travel funds.

The good news here then is that cover need not cost an arm and a leg. There are budget options that nevertheless provide invaluable assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

And why might such medical cover prove so valuable. Because although the standard of medicine in some parts of the world may leave something to be desired, it is typically no less expensive for all that. This is not to suggest that backpacking is inherently dangerous, but if sickness strikes you may well need prompt care and attention. Similarly, it might be reassuring to know that injuries caused whilst engaging in one of the many activities covered by your insurance are also going to be taken of.

There is no need to choose the most basic form of cover unless it is an economic necessity of course.

You might want to consider other packages – also considered affordable – that offer a standard level of cover without breaking the bank. For complete peace of mind, moreover, there also plans which provide thoroughly comprehensive security for backpackers.

Enjoy the freedom of the open road

With friends, relations and other loved ones suitably reassured, not to mention your own peace of mind, you might then be able to concentrate on the chief objectives likely to be on your mind – enjoying the freedom of your backpacking adventure.