Travel insurance at affordable premiums

What does backpacker's insurance cover?

If you are going overseas on a backpacking holiday, either for a few months or a lot longer, one of the things you may want to consider is finding a suitable policy. Dedicated backpacker policies are often chosen by travellers due to the specific type of cover provided for these kind of adventurous trips.

But what exactly is covered on a backpackers insurance policy? Some things may include:

  • cover for longer trips overseas is often a key feature of a backpacker policy. However, the exact amount of time varies between insurance providers. For example, our policies at BengoTravel can provide you with cover up to a maximum of 18 months, whereas other providers may only provide up to a year, or in some cases even longer trips;
  • policies are sometimes divided into different levels, ranging from basic to comprehensive, which you can then choose depending on your needs;
  • a basic policy, like our 'Last Minute' option, may focus on healthcare so that you know you are financially covered should you require medical care overseas or even medical repatriation;
  • more comprehensive cover could include our 'Essential' and 'Optimum' policies, which include more cover in return for a higher premium, and other providers may provide similar options;
  • another feature that may be included on a backpacker policy is the addition of numerous activities that may not be included on a standard single-trip policy. We provide cover for hundreds of activities on our backpacker policy, but we also provide the option of getting extra cover for additional extreme sports;
  • you may want to work for some of your time overseas in a casual role, perhaps behind a bar or in a restaurant. It may be a good idea to get cover for this as well because it may not be covered on standard policies designed for holidays;
  • other events may be included on backpacker policies, including personal accidents, trip cancellation, delayed departure, liability and more;
  • some policies may cover you if you have a pre-existing medical condition, but many do not. It may depend on the details of your condition. Either way, make sure you declare any conditions you have when you buy your cover so that you know whether you are fully covered or not;
  • one thing that you may want to keep in mind is that there are some countries in the world that are considered dangerous for travellers, and insurers may refuse to cover you should you travel to such countries. Always check the official foreign travel advice for details before you travel, and check with your insurance provider if you are unsure.

These are some of the main considerations to keep in mind when you go travelling on a longer backpacking trip overseas. Whether you are just going for a month or two, or for a lot longer, you may want to consider the risks before you travel. If you decide that you would like insurance, spend some time searching to ensure you find something suitable.