Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Benefits of travel insurance

The benefits of travel insurance are mainly those which hope you never need to use.

Those benefits come into their own when things start to go wrong during your travels:

· you suffer an accident or some other medical emergency which requires immediate attention – and is likely to cost considerably more than the service you receive for free from the National Health Service at home;

· you have to cancel your holiday plans because you or a member of your immediate family falls ill;

· you miss travel connections or they are cancelled and your journey is disrupted through no fault of your own;

· a pickpocket manages to relieve you of your cash, credit cards and passport; or

· your baggage and other personal belongings are stolen, lost or damaged.

These are just some of the hazards and perils that any traveller faces. The benefit of travel insurance is that you are not seriously out of pocket if one or more should befall you.

If the worst does happen to you, and you failed to arrange travel insurance, warns the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, you might stand to lose thousands of pounds.

Travel insurance to suit you

More than these general benefits, travel insurance these days may be tailored to suit the particular holiday you are planning and offer the cover you need to manage the risks peculiar to that holiday.

Thus, you might want travel insurance that is specifically designed for skiing or other winter sports holidays, you may be a backpacker, or otherwise looking for longer stay cover whilst you are away. You might be enjoying the luxury of a cruise.

Each of these kinds of holiday may require cover that suits the nature, scope, destinations and activities you are likely to enjoy whilst you are travelling.

In order to ensure that you take full advantage of these benefits in tailoring your cover to meet your precise, individual needs, you might want to consult a specialist travel insurance provider – such as Bengo Travel.

Annual cover

A further benefit of travel insurance is that it is very flexible.

You might choose to arrange cover for a single trip, for instance, specifically tailored to the places you are visiting, the duration of your holiday and the activities you plan to do when you get there.

On the other hand, if you are a frequent traveller – and go abroad more than a couple of times each year – there are annual travel insurance plans which keep you covered throughout the year, no matter where or how often you choose to travel. On a trip for trip basis, such annual cover is likely to prove more cost effective than arranging travel insurance for each single trip.

A note of caution

Although you may have taken the prudent course of arranging travel insurance, it is still important to pay particular heed to advice which is given by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) about areas where travel should be avoided.

If you persist in travelling to those areas which the FCO has already warned as dangerous, you run the further risk of your travel insurance becoming invalid.