Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Benefits of travel insurance

Insurance when you go overseas is one of those things that most people know about, but some still decide not to purchase. There is no legal requirement to have insurance, and you always travel completely at your own risk.

Despite that, many people enjoy the peace of mind that it brings knowing they are protected should an unexpected event cause problems. Here are some of the most important benefits of taking out a policy.

Cover should you have to cancel your trip

Cover for cancellation is one of the most common events that can be included within some travel insurance policies. The cheapest policies may not cover this, so if you are looking for this element of protection, then do check the policy features.

This can cover the costs of having to cancel your trip should you fall ill and be unable to travel, or due to the death of a close relative. Of course, it depends on the details of the policy, and there is usually a limit on how much you can claim.

Save potentially large medical expenses

If you are travelling within certain destinations within Europe, your EHIC card will provide a certain amount of protection if you become ill or need emergency treatment, but there are things you need to consider, such as repatriation costs not being covered and the type of treatment you may be entitled to. Read our article here.

Having read these Faqs, you may see that from a medical expenses point of view, buying travel insurance may make sense.

With travel insurance cover, the most basic policies will usually provide extensive cover for medical care overseas. This is where costs can escalate, and even breaking your arm could set you back thousands of pounds. More serious injuries and operations overseas can be hugely expensive.

Just remember to check the details of the policy. You may not be covered for pre-existing conditions, and there may be certain circumstances where you will not be covered, such as if you were involved in a hazardous activity.

This recent story in the Daily Mirror reports on a 20-year-old British traveller in Thailand who was paralysed following a moped accident. The insurer paid out, even though he was riding a more powerful moped than the insurer covered. But other insurers will often refuse to pay for treatment costs if you are doing a dangerous activity that is not covered by the policy.

Return home for medical treatment

If you are seriously injured and have to stay in hospital for a long time, you may prefer to return home for treatment. This is often covered under medical repatriation costs, and it provides specialist transport back to your home country.

Claim for your belongings

Losing your personal belongings or having them stolen while overseas can be distressing, but many policies will cover them for you. Just be aware that there are often conditions attached.

For example, you usually have to be looking after your possessions properly at the time they are stolen. And there are also typically per-item limits, which may make it a better idea to leave your more expensive items back home.

Specialist cover for different types of trip

Another one of the key benefits of insurance is that it is flexible. Not only are there many policies sold by many providers, but there are different types of policies for specific types of trips. These include:

  • business trips;
  • cruise holidays;
  • weddings overseas;
  • golf holidays;
  • backpacker trips;
  • winter sports holidays.

Enjoy greater peace of mind on holiday

All of the above benefits are combined to provide greater peace of mind when you go abroad. Knowing that you are covered for unexpected events can help you to relax more because if something does go wrong, you know that you will not suffer extra financial burdens.

Remember, insurance is not a requirement, but if you like the idea of these potential benefits it can provide, you may want to find yourself a policy.