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Going on a cruise? Here are some travel tips

With cruise insurance behind you, your bags packed and your cruise ship waiting for you, you have everything needed to enjoy a wonderful voyage. However, to help you get the most out of your cruise we have put together some hints and tips.

Balcony suite or not

Before booking your cruise you may wish to consider whether you want to pay out for a balcony suite. If it is your first cruise and you can stretch to it, a balcony cruise may be worth paying the extra for. There is nothing like waking up on your first morning on-board ship and having coffee on the balcony.

Research the cruise ship

When booking your cruise you may wish to do some research into the cruise ship and what it offers. All ships offer plenty of things to see and do, with some even offering submarine experiences. Bear in mind that you are going to be spending a lot of time on the ship, so it pays to find out what’s on offer. Typical features on-board cruise liners may include:

  • a gym;
  • hairdresser;
  • football and basketball court;
  • swimming and Jacuzzi;
  • spa and sauna;
  • library.

This allows you to plan ahead, for instance if there is a library on-board your cruise ship you can leave your bulky books at home and visit the library for a book to read as you sunbathe on deck.

Consider the necessities

As there are many things to think about when taking a cruise, often the basics, or the necessities don’t get thought about. Here are some things to take into account:

  • bear in mind that cabins don’t generally have alarms clocks. While you are on holiday you don’t want to sleep all morning to find you have missed that day excursion you have waited for. With this in mind take an travel alarm clock with you;
  • if you plan on using your smartphone to wake you up ensure that you put the handset into airplane mode and leave it there so you don’t get stuck with roaming charges;
  • pack basic medicines, such as paracetamol, sun tan lotion and after sun. They may be more costly on-board at the shop;
  • don’t forget to take extra memory cards for your camera, along with batteries;
  • don’t forget your smartphone charger.

Keep your important documents together and at hand

Make sure that you know where all your important documents are and keep them at hand. Don’t stuff them in the suitcase, your suitcase might get lost. Important documents may include:

  • passport;
  • photo ID;
  • birth certificate;
  • cruise insurance documents;
  • boarding pass.

Consider what to pack

What to pack for a cruise can end up causing some headaches. If you are taking a cruise to the Caribbean for example, the chances are that you are not going to need coats and boots. You may want to consider choosing a colour scheme for clothing and sticking with different tops, skirts, trousers, shirts and shorts that you can mix and match. This means that you might wear a top with shorts one day and then another day reuse the top and wear it with trousers. Light layers, such as a wrap, may be added and you can wear light scarves or a shrug to accessorise.

At Bengo Travel we offer you competitive cruise insurance for peace of mind that should you need it, you have something to fall back onto. We hope that you enjoyed our hints and tips on getting the most out of your cruise. Bon voyage!