Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Treat Yourself – But Don’t Forget Cruise Insurance

A treat is likely to be welcome at any time in our lives. After a long working life such an indulgence may be especially well deserved.

Without wanting to detract from that feeling of a spot of luxurious indulgence, however, it might be worth paying particular attention to the need for an adequate level of insurance.

Ship to shore cover

It is a cliché of course to talk about the sheer expanse of the ocean. But it is nevertheless true that once you are underway on your new floating hotel, it may rapidly become a home very many miles away from the nearest landfall.

If you become ill or suffer an injury, therefore, immediate emergency attention is likely to be administered by the ship’s sick bay or hospital. Of course, every effort is typically made by the ship’s crew and doctor to give you the best care available. On practically any cruise liner, however, space is almost certain to be a premium – and this probably applies to the sick bay facilities themselves.

Not only might these be cramped and typically located well below decks, but the range of medical treatments and procedures they are able to offer is naturally limited.

That is why cruise insurance offered by Bengo Travel also covers the (not inconsiderable) cost of airlifting you from the ship if this becomes necessary and flying you to the nearest land-based hospital.

Ships are not the only forms of transport

We are also aware that the cruise itself is unlikely to be the only form of transport you may need to take. Transfers to and from the ports of departure and arrival are typically made through connections by air.

If your flights are delayed or the airline goes into liquidation, this might have serious implications for your being able to board your ship on time. Appropriate compensation for such events, therefore, is a part of the insurance package we provide.

Bags get lost, go missing or are stolen

The company you keep on board your cruise is likely to be as friendly and courteous as you might expect. But there are times when your luggage is en route to or from the port, subject to handling, or simply goes missing.

Whether your baggage is lost or stolen, therefore, you may want the peace of mind in knowing that adequate compensation is available if the worst comes to the worst.

All at sea with the weather

No one is going to guarantee the type of weather you are going to enjoy on your cruise. A little bit of research into weather conditions at your ports of call may be updated on an hourly basis through the BBC’s online weather forecasts.