Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Cruise insurance - what could go wrong?

When booking a cruise, the last thing many of us wish to do is to start spending time worrying about what might go wrong.

However, it's important to take a responsible attitude towards preparing for misfortune. It's particularly important given the relatively large sums that you may be spending when booking a cruise.

At Bengo Travel, we offer a comprehensive cruise insurance package but accept that each individual traveller will need to form their own views as to whether or not such cover is required.

We do not believe in trying to highlight the need for insurance by generating fear and uncertainty, nevertheless, it might be advisable to think about just how you would cope financially should certain categories of problem arise.

Personal belongings

Sadly, airlines and travel companies aren't always able to ensure that your belongings arrive at the same place and at the same time, that that you do.

Replacing lost or stolen items can be expensive, which is why cover might be very useful.

Sickness and injury

This is hopefully something you won't experience but if you do, it might happen ashore or on-board your vessel.

If ashore, local medical treatment might prove to be hugely expensive. Even if you're on-board your ship where there may be medical services, if you need air evacuation to a land-based medical facility, you'll need to pay for that yourself unless you have a policy to help.

Cutting short your trip

Sometimes things happen that might cause you to cut short your trip and return home - perhaps the death or serious illness of a family member back in the UK might be one such example.

In such circumstances, though money may be far from your mind initially, the reality is that you may end up losing significant amounts as a result of the problem.

Having a travel policy can't prevent such things happening but it can help compensate you for your financial losses if they do.


Travel delays aren't just inconveniencing - they may be catastrophic for your cruise if you subsequently miss connections as a result.

The costs of that might be very significant.


People haven't yet learned how to predict and avoid all the various forms of natural catastrophes that can occur, including things like earthquakes, tidal waves and floods etc.

Apart from the potential human cost involved, they may also cause the abandonment of your cruise with all that might entail.


Of course, your cruise holiday may go entirely without a hitch and that's hopefully going to be that case.

Even so, it might be prudent to prepare for the unforeseen and that's why cruise cover policies exist.

Finding out more about the fine detail of the available cover won't take long and it just might provide you with a little more peace of mind.