Travel insurance at affordable premiums

What is cruise insurance

Cruise insurance is a specialist form of travel insurance for use if the holiday you booked is by ocean going cruise liner.

It is offered as a specialist type of safeguard since the risks and perils covered and the profile of the typical cruise passenger are likely to differ and to be more specific than those covered by standard forms of travel insurance.

Cruise passengers – a special case

The government sponsored Money Advice Service suggests that cruise insurance might be cheaper than standard travel insurance in the following instances:

· if you are over 65, cruise insurance might have higher age limits – or none at all; and

· may also offer the security and protection you need if you are suffering from a pre-existing medical condition.

Maintaining the level of protection

That is not to say that cruise insurance skimps on cover where it is likely to matter the most – insurance against accidents and other medical emergencies.

The typical age profile of passengers and the very nature of ocean going cruises make medical insurance especially important.

Modern ships have the best medical facilities that space and staffing are able to provide – but these are necessarily considerably limited compared to those that might be offered at a permanent on-shore hospital.

If you are in the middle of the ocean and far from the nearest port of call when you happen to suffer an injury or other medical condition, therefore, there may be a high chance of your needing to be airlifted from the ship to an on-shore facility.

Unsurprisingly, medical evacuation by helicopter is notoriously expensive, so you are likely to be more than pleased to have any such eventuality safely insured.

It is important to remember, however, that different insurers and different policies may offer varying levels of cover, with their own specific inclusions and exclusions. You need to be quite certain, therefore, that the cruise insurance you arrange offers the protection you need.

Where in the world

Specialist providers of cruise insurance are also likely to be in the best position to arrange cover for any part of the world to which you might be travelling.

Whether it is a mini-cruise or an extended voyage likely to take you practically around the world, there is likely to be a form of insurance suitable for your needs.

Other risks

Cruise insurance may also extend to other risks and perils:

· the risk of missing your sailing time because of delays or poor travel connections, for instance;

· the need to cancel your voyage for reasons beyond your control;

· the trunk or luggage which you need for your voyage may be delayed in reaching the ship – or worse still, is lost or stolen; and

· it has to be recognised as a sad reflection of our times that acts of terrorism or war might disrupt your journey – whilst such occurrences are likely to be covered by your cruise insurance, you nevertheless typically share some responsibility in avoiding regions where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has specifically warned against travel.

It is not only medical cover that is likely to make cruise insurance such an important consideration therefore, but for the wider risks and perils also covered.

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