Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Why you may need cruise insurance

  • typically don't board their cruise ship with a sense of dread or premonition.
  • fact, they are probably looking forward to a great maritime experience and the chance to relax.
  • unfortunately, as we at BenGo Travel know only too well, things can and do go wrong on even the most anticipated cruise holidays:
  • before you have even arrived to join your ship, there are always risks of flight delays and cancellations etc. It may end up costing you serious amounts of money to overcome the logistical problems concerned;
  • although you may have arrived at your vessel and are ready to go, if the airline has managed to send your luggage elsewhere or it has simply been stolen, you may find yourself severely inconvenienced;
  • regrettably, the risks of ill health don't just stop at your boarding point. It is not unknown for people to be taken ill on cruises and in some cases that illness may be serious enough to warrant your evacuation from ship;
  • bear in mind that if you are flown by helicopter off the cruise ship, the costs may be staggeringly high and you will need to meet that from your own financial resources unless you have an appropriate policy to cover you;
  • when you are in port and out and about exploring, you may be facing other risks such as those associated with mugging;
  • things such as theft and credit card fraud may be rather more commonplace abroad than at home. Some policies may be able to offer you cover against some of financial implications of being on the wrong end of such events;
  • If misfortune means that you miss your departure and possibly need to abandon your holiday altogether, you might rack up serious write-off expenses;
  • although it is commonly known, it is still sometimes overlooked that medical expenses outside of your home country may be far higher than you are used to. In some cases, the costs involved may be of such magnitude that they become ruinous without an appropriate policy behind you;
  • don't forget also that personal accidents and even death can arise when you are on holiday. Although travel insurance is not typically regarded as a form of life cover per se, even so, having a degree of additional financial protection in the event of such events might only be common-sense in terms of protecting you and your family.
  • it is true you probably don't want to spend too much time dwelling on gloomy thoughts before your cruise departs, it might still be sensible to think carefully about your risks and exposures before setting off.
  • good insurance policy might help you to sleep just that little bit more easily at night when on those ocean waves.