Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Dangers of travelling without insurance

The costs of a holiday – even one booked through a discount site – can soon mount up. Even after you have paid for the accommodation, your flights and possibly a rental car, you’ll still need money on top for spending while you are there - and don’t forget your new holiday wardrobe too!

So when it comes to getting travel insurance, you may decide that this is something you can cut costs on – by not buying it.

Or it may be you think you are already covered if you are travelling to Europe from the UK, because you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Here we discuss some of the misconceptions about of travelling with and without insurance.

I am not going to get ill, so why do I need travel insurance?

Firstly, travel insurance doesn’t just cover medical bills while you are away, it covers a whole host of potential risks, from losing your passport or personal possessions, extended flight delays, missed connections and loss of baggage to repatriation costs getting you home after an accident.

Any number of things could happen while you are away, from your baggage being lost en-route to you having an accident and needing medical care.

One such example of how the unexpected can happen is the story of baby Dax who was born 11 weeks early while his parents-to-be enjoyed a last minute break to the United States.

The cost of his medical treatment came to £130,000 and he was even flown back to the UK in a private jet with a team of nurses and doctors.

Luckily, his parents had travel insurance.

I have an EHIC card so don’t need travel insurance

The EHIC enables you to receive state-funded treatment in other EU and EAA countries (and Switzerland). What you should note however, is that you are only entitled to the same level of state help that a resident would receive. So, you could still need to fund some of the costs yourself.

For example, in some countries, while the cost of medical treatment may be free, you may still have to pay for prescriptions and dressings etc. Or the standard of the hospital may not be as you would expect it to be.

Travel insurance typically covers any additional associated costs.

I am not taking much money or clothing with me, so if it gets lost or stolen, it won’t matter

Even if you are only going on a short break and are only taking hand luggage with you, travel insurance can do so much more than just cover medical and loss of baggage costs. For example, if you or a close relative suddenly falls ill before the trip and you need to cancel it, in most cases, the travel insurance policy will reimburse you for any cancellation or non-refundable costs.

I cannot afford travel insurance

Travel insurance doesn’t need to be expensive. If you travel a lot, you can always buy an annual policy, which can work out very cost-effective for frequent travellers.

For one off trips, you can choose a single trip policy.

There are also a number of different levels of cover – so you can opt for the most basic cover and have the peace of mind that you are protected. Or, if you want higher levels of cover and additional elements of protection, then you can choose a different, slightly more expensive policy tier.

The message is clear – travelling without insurance can be a risky thing to do.