Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Do you need insurance for a weekend break?

What is the best way of deciding whether you a particular type of insurance? One of them might be to look at the average price of the insurance and cover and then work out just how much it might cost if you fail to arrange the cover.

Weekend break insurance might provide the perfect illustration of this simple principle.

Consider, for example, some of the most recent statistics published by the Association of British Insurers (ABI):

· travellers’ claims for medical treatment continue to be the most common, with the average amount of claim currently standing at over £1,000;

· simply because you are on a short weekend break does not make any medical emergency any the less costly – yet when set against the typically low cost of this type of cover, you stand to be seriously out of pocket, not to mention putting your health at risk, if you do not have it;

· indeed, insurers are currently paying out around £4 million every week to the average 3,800 or so holidaymakers who have a medical claim to make.

Medical emergencies are not the only risks covered by travel insurance.

Weekend break insurance also typically protects the theft, loss or damage of the baggage and personal possessions you take with you, and provides compensation if travel plans are disrupted or have to be cancelled for reasons beyond your control.

it is surprising, therefore, that almost a quarter of travellers – including those on weekend breaks – says the ABI, continue to go abroad without any form of travel insurance. All the more surprising when such cover is readily available from specialist travel insurance providers such as Bengo Travel and others.

Making things easier on yourself

Although it is no substitute for the medical emergency cover provided by your weekend break insurance, now might be the time to ensure that you have an up to date European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

The card is valid for five years, can be obtained online free of charge, and gives you access to emergency medical treatment through public health channels throughout Europe at either a reduced charge or completely free. One of the benefits of the EHIC is that it gives you access to such facilities even for the treatment of pre-existing medical conditions – provided, of course, that you are not travelling with the specific intention of seeking such medical assistance.

Among the many attractions of the weekend break is that you might be able to afford more than one of them during the course of a year in which you also take your man holiday. Although it is certainly possible to arrange appropriate travel insurance for each such single trip, it is typically more cost effective to but annual, multi-trip travel insurance, which keeps you covered throughout the year, no matter how much travelling you are lucky enough to do – annual cover thus keeps you ever ready and always prepared.