Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Finding low cost travel insurance

What makes low cost travel insurance? Apparently bargain-basement deals abound, but if the untoward does happen, you might find yourself considerably out of pocket when the policy you have chosen fails to deliver.

Low cost, therefore, might better read good value for money – and here are some tips on how to find it:

· your holiday travel plans are uniquely individual to you – where you choose to travel, what you plan to do when you get there, your choice of travelling companions, and the luggage you are likely to be taking with you;

· it is expecting too much, therefore, for any one size fits all type of travel insurance to meet your particular, individual needs and circumstances;

· good value for money, therefore, is likely to be found in those insurance policies which are more specifically tailored to your needs – in other words, travel insurance arranged by a specialist provider such as us at Bengo Travel;

· in any insurance package, cover for medical accidents and emergencies is likely to be critical – specialist providers, however, may offer choices which continue to keep such medical cover at the heart of the policy yet still give you options for lowering the cost;

· some parts of the world are quite simply more dangerous to visit than others;

· it is a sad reflection of our times that the threat of terrorism appears to be so widespread, with barely a day going by without news of some further incident and loss of life;

· although cover for terrorist acts and activities may be included in some travel insurance policies, you also have a responsibility for checking beforehand where it is and where it is not safe to travel;

· an invaluable resource for this preparatory research is the country by country assessment and travel advice published and constantly updated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) – disregard such warnings about avoiding travel in particular parts of the world and you might end up invalidating even the most comprehensive of insurance policies;

· nevertheless, many holidays and travel plans involve your participation in inherently dangerous sports and activities – if you want to keep the cost of your travel insurance down, therefore, a specialist insurance provider may be able to cover a wider range of such activities as standard;

· if you are planning longer-term travel – if you are a foot-loose and fancy free backpacker, for instance – a specialist insurance provider may tailor your cover to suit just such extended travel;

· an especially effective way of reducing the cost of single-trip travel insurance – which covers you only for the duration of one holiday or business trip – is instead to arrange annual, multi-trip cover;

· just as the term suggests, this provides cover throughout the year, irrespective of the number of trips you decide to make and whatever the duration of each (typically up to a given number of days);

· in the same way as single-trip insurance, annual cover may be arranged to cover travel in any part of the world, or – if you are looking to contain costs – restricted only to those countries you nominate at the outset.

The secret, therefore, might not lie in choosing the absolutely cheapest travel insurance, but in choosing the one which offers good value for money by extending the protection you need at a competitive price.