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Get yourself ready for that summer holiday

Summer is just around the corner and this is the time that people who haven’t yet booked their holiday are considering doing so. If you are looking forward to that much needed holiday, here are some tips on getting ready for your holiday, along with remaining safe and protecting yourself with travel insurance.

Make sure you have the essential documents ready

It goes without saying that if you are travelling outside of the UK you are going to want to ensure that you have the essential documents in order. With this in mind travel documents you may need include:

  • a passport – the passport needs to be in date so if you have to renew your passport give yourself plenty of time;
  • when considering your passport you also need to take into account that some countries require you to have a certain amount of validity on the passport;
  • visas that are needed for the countries you are visiting.

Make yourself a travel checklist for the essentials

Well in advance of your holiday you may want to make out a travel checklist. You may wish to consider the following:

  • any tablets that you have to take with you for pre-existing medical conditions;
  • visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Twitter to learn about the latest updates for travel along with getting advice;
  • check for any health risks in any of the countries you are considering visiting on holiday;
  • take a photocopy of your passport and store it online so if you lose yours, or it is stolen, you have a copy that you are able to access to find the number. The same may apply to travel insurance documents;
  • factor in enough money to cover emergencies and you may wish to take more than one credit or debit card to fall back onto, if you have them;
  • make sure that you know where the closest consulate or embassy is in the country you are visiting.

Ensure you have adequate insurance

Well before going on holiday you should consider travel insurance. More importantly, make sure that you have adequate insurance to provide protection for the part of the world you are visiting. An insurance policy may typically provide protection for:

  • accident and illness that requires treatment;
  • repatriation to the UK;
  • cover for any activities, for example scuba diving;
  • cancellation of the holiday;
  • loss of personal possessions or baggage;
  • personal liability insurance.

Learn the customs and laws about the country you are visiting

It may pay to do a little research on the country that you plan on visiting well before booking your holiday. For instance you may want to learn about the laws for driving on the roads, and so.

In the majority of countries it is compulsory to carry certain items in the trunk of your vehicle, countries may differ on what is needed, but you may find that it includes:

  • a jacket that is reflective – this is used in the event of a breakdown and you venture outside of the vehicle;
  • a warning triangle;
  • a single use breathalyser.

The above are just some of the things that you may wish to take into account when you are getting ready for your summer holiday. Here at Bengo Travel we can offer you a policy that is appropriate for your needs and at a competitive price.