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Getting travel insurance with medical conditions

If you have one or more pre-existing medical conditions, you are likely to find that standard travel insurance policies typically exclude any claim arising from those conditions. Some insurers may even decline cover altogether.

If you encounter the rejection of your proposal for cover, the Citizens’ Advice Bureau points out that most insurers are nevertheless likely to point you in the direction of those brokers or suppliers who may be able to help.

Travel insurance with medical conditions

Because of the restrictions and difficulties you are likely to encounter with standard travel insurance, there is a specialist product known – appropriately enough – as travel insurance with medical conditions.

At Bengo Travel we are happy to arrange such cover for customers with a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions. You might nevertheless want to take into account a number of general points about this type of insurance cover:

· pre-existing medical conditions are likely to be defined differently by different insurers and you need to look through these carefully;

· conditions are generally going to be those for which you are regularly taking medication, any physical handicap or disability, immune deficiency or weakness, or past or pending surgery;

· alternatively, you might want to pay particular attention to disclosing any heart condition, cancer, respiratory, joint or bone condition, diabetes or gastrointestinal problems;

· you gain no advantage by disguising or underplaying any particular medical condition in the hope of a more favourable reception of your insurance proposal – indeed, it is to your distinct disadvantage, since a claim may be rejected if a pre-existing medical condition subsequently emerges;

· there exists a long standing principle of insurance contract law requiring parties to exhibit “ultimate good faith” (uberimae fidei), which requires the disclosure to your insurer of any “material fact” – and a pre-existing medical condition is clearly a material fact affecting travel insurance with medical conditions;

· if you have any doubt what needs to be disclosed or any queries on the medical questionnaire you are likely to be asked to complete, it is advisable to consult your insurance provider;

· the Money Saving Expert points out that if you are looking for group travel insurance, premiums are typically based on the person with the highest risk of making a medical related claim – that is to say, the person with any pre-existing medical conditions;

· if your medical condition is likely to increase the premiums to be paid for such group insurance, it might instead be more economical to arranged insurance separately for individual members of the party;

· a further suggestion from the same source is that you check carefully for specialist providers of travel insurance for those with medical conditions, since these are often niche products which many comparison websites may overlook.

If you have one or more pre-existing medical conditions, therefore, there is no reason why you should not be able to enjoy your travels the same as everyone else. Specialist travel insurance with medical conditions is designed to help you do just that. Read our Guide to travelling with existing health conditions for more information.