Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Insurance for overseas business travel

With your eye on the main prize of that lucrative contract or commission, you might be tempted to skimp on the preparation necessary for any business trip, including the need for travel insurance.

Even if the purpose of your trip is for a single meeting or a whistle-stop tour of potential clients, short business travel insurance may help take the financial sting out of the situation if things happen to go wrong.

The risks and perils of foreign travel may be costly for the individual, the employer and the business as a whole and for this reason is a subject taken very seriously by many organisations. The University of Edinburgh, for instance, devotes a full page of travel insurance advice for those of its staff engaging in business travel.

What can go wrong?

One of the first costly setbacks might occur before you have even left home, if you need to cancel your business trip through no fault of your own – you, or a member of your immediate family, is suddenly struck down by a serious and debilitating illness for instance.

Another example of travel disruption is the unexpected cancellation or delay of crucial connections, leading to your missing a flight or other form of travel.

One of the potentially costlier crises involves you or a member of staff having an accident or falling ill whilst on a business trip. Certainly, a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) may provide access to publicly provided health care facilities – provided the trip is within Europe of course – but this is rarely any substitute for even short business travel.

Urgent medical treatment outside of any public provision is itself expensive, but if the cost of repatriation to the UK is involved, then the expense may be very high indeed.

With the greatest care in the world, accidents do happen, and it is possible that you or one of your employees does something – or indeed fails to do something – which results in a member of the public being injured or having his or her property damaged. In that event, you might be facing a substantial claim for compensation. Even short business travel insurance, therefore, might include public liability indemnity of at least £1 million or more.

Last but not least is the possibility of baggage and other personal belongings – including money, credit cards and important documents – being stolen or lost.

Business travel insurance

As may be clear, any business trip poses its own, particular risks and perils of something going wrong. There may be some which are either not covered or are inadequately covered by standard travel insurance.

For that reason, might want to consult a specialist travel insurance provider, such as us here at Bengo Travel before organising or authorising travel on behalf of your business.

We offer 24-hour medical emergency assistance and you may also contact us by email, telephone or postal address.

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