Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Insurance for your weekend away

Planning a romantic weekend away, choosing a city break or just taking a few well-earned days’ holiday? It might be easy to overlook the need for travel insurance but it remains an important safeguard whether you are away for only a few or several weeks.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), though, as many as a fifth of British travellers do so without the protection of any insurance. This at a time when an average of 4,300 people a week who are insured are making medical emergency claims on their travel insurance and when the average size of each claim is very close to £1,000.

That medical emergency, the theft of your baggage, money and documents or the spectre of a public liability claim may all strike even when you are enjoying a short weekend break and not only when you are enjoying your main holiday.

Weekend break insurance

A specialist travel insurance provider – such as us here at Bengo Travel – recognises, however, that the fewer number of days you are away, the lower the risk of your being involved in any accident or incident.

Specialist weekend break insurance, therefore, may be tailored to provide cover only for those few days you are going to be away – and the this is reflected in the price of the premium you need to pay for a single trip away.

Annual, multi-trip insurance, though, is especially suited to your taking a few days away, since this weekend breaks may be one of those luxuries you are able to take more than a few times each year. If that is the case, annual travel insurance provides cover the whole year round, for as many weekend breaks you are lucky enough to be able to take. On a trip for trip basis, cover works out to be less expensive into the bargain.

What is covered?

Weekend break travel insurance needs to be practically as comprehensive as longer-term cover and, although the details are going to vary from one insurer to another and from one policy to another, some of the principal considerations are:

· cover for medical emergencies – treatment and possible repatriation when you are on a weekend break might prove just as costly as when you are on your main holiday;

· indemnity against third party claims from members of the public who may hold you liable for any personal injury or property damage you may cause;

· cover against the loss, theft or damage of your baggage and personal possessions, including the theft of money and important documents such as your passport and travel tickets; and

· legal expenses cover in the event of your needing to defend a public liability claim or in order to issue proceedings against another party.

These are just some of the risks and perils against which you might want to protect yourself with weekend break insurance.