Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Going away for a longer break - then get covered

Sometimes your travels away from home might be for longer than what might normally be considered your annual holiday.

Some of the reasons for such an extended absence might include:

  • that round the world cruise you had always promised yourself;
  • the chance to visit long-lost family or friends who moved and now live on the other side of the world;
  • an opportunity to take a well-earned sabbatical from your usual professional life;
  • seizing the moment to go on a backpacking adventure; or
  • indulging in that well known “gap year” between school and university or college.

The need for travel insurance

Although the absence from home may be longer, there is still every reason to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance whilst you are away – indeed, it is probably more important than ever, given that the longer you are away, the greater the chance of something going wrong.

Those in the fortunate position of being able to take a longer break may tend quite naturally to be younger people. And it is young people in particular who are most tempted to overlook this need for travel insurance, according to surveys conducted by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) . These suggest that nearly a half of youngsters between the ages of 15 and 24 travel without any form of insurance.

Perhaps even more alarmingly, about a half of all travellers did not realise that they had to pay their own medical bills if they fell ill or had an accident when they were travelling abroad and a huge 80% of them admitted that they would be unable to afford the £10,000 that might easily be needed to pay for their own or a loved one’s medical bills when they are abroad.

The need for long stay travel insurance

As if these statistics were not alarming enough, there is one final detail revealed by ABTA’s surveys and that is that only 12% of travellers appear to read any travel insurance documents they may have.

That leaves some 90% of travellers failing to appreciate that they may need specialist, long stay travel insurance if their absence away from home is going to last longer than the maximum 30 days or so commonly covered by a standard single-trip policy usually reserved for the typical annual holiday.

It is this kind of specialist cover which we are able to provide here at Bengo Travel – cover which keeps you safely protected whether you are going to be away for up to 18, 24 or an even greater number of months at a time.

If you are planning to take a longer than usual break, therefore, you might want to contact us to arrange long stay travel insurance to ensure that you are covered for medical emergencies, the expense of cancellations, missed connections, or lost or stolen baggage, personal possessions or money.

You might want to keep in mind, however, that if you return to the UK at any time during an extended period of travel overseas, then this might be regarded as the conclusion of any long stay travel insurance – if you decide to go away once again, you are likely to have to renew or arrange further cover.