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Travel insurance Faqs

Do I need travel insurance?

While not a legal requirement, from a common sense point of view, the answer is almost certainly a resounding yes. Just as with any type of insurance, you might want to consider your situation if you do not have the cover.

Without the protection of travel insurance, and in the case of an accident or some other medical emergency whilst you are travelling, you might otherwise be out of pocket to the tune of many thousands of pounds.

What is covered by travel insurance?

In addition to cover for medical emergencies, travel insurance may also give you protection in many other respects:

  • cancellation of your travel plans for reasons beyond your control – such as your serious illness or that of a close family member;
  • damage, loss or theft of your baggage and personal possessions; and
  • public liability cover – in the event of a claim being made against you by someone who is injured or has their property damage because of your actions or failure to act.

Every travel insurance policy is different, however, so it is important to read the policy documents very carefully in order to confirm that the risks you want to be covered are indeed included.

Does it matter how long I’m going to be away?

The length or your holiday or business trip is an important consideration, since most travel insurance policies limit cover to a maximum of 31 days.

If you are planning to be away for longer than this, you may need to arrange specialist long stay travel insurance – available from the ourselves at Bengo Travel and others – which may extend your cover to up to 18 months.

Read our Guide to long stay travel insurance here .

Is travel insurance tailored to different parts of the world?

Yes, you cover needs to reflect the likely cost of claims in one part of the world compared to another – medical expenses in the United States, for instance, are likely to be considerably higher than elsewhere.

A common way of tailoring travel insurance to suit your proposed destination is to ask whether you are travelling only to Europe, anywhere else in the world (excluding the USA), or somewhere else in the world including the USA.

Does the nature of my holiday affect the type of travel insurance I need?

It is important that your travel insurance reflects the type of holiday you are taking and what you are planning to do whilst you are away.

The Citizens’ Advice Bureau, for example, points out that you are likely to need specialist insurance if you are participating in inherently dangerous activities, such as snowboarding, skiing, scuba diving or many other extreme sports.

In addition to special winter sports travel insurance, there are others that specifically cover cruises, backpacking adventures, motor racing and other track events, or long stay visits abroad.

I’m a frequent traveller – does this affect the type of travel insurance I buy?

You travel more than one or two times a year, you might want to consider annual, multi-trip travel insurance, which keeps you safely covered for a full 12 months, without having to worry about arranging insurance for every trip you make.

It is also likely to work out to be a more economical way of buying your travel insurance rather than on a single trip basis.