Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Looking For Travel Insurance?

If you are looking for insurance to cover an upcoming holiday or travel protection that may keep you covered throughout the year, the range of choice might at times seem overwhelming. Do you go for the standard form of cover – often offered as a default at the time of your booking? Or do you want to search out something different?

Cover to suit your needs

As with any form of insurance, the key to selecting the right policy might lie in identifying precisely the form of cover that suits your particular individual needs and circumstances – what might suit one person, for example, might not be the most appropriate solution for someone else.

When it comes to travel, then here at Bengo Travel we recognise that need to tailor travel insurance to your specific needs – in view of the many different reasons for travelling and the range of activities in which you might engage whilst you are enjoying that trip.

In fact, we won the 2013 Which? Best Buy award for our multiple travel insurance products.


Some clue as to the diversity of different types of travel is illustrated by the sheer number of popular packages:

  • cruise insurance: even when you have signed up for the luxury of an ocean cruise, insurance cover may still be an important consideration. At the very least, you might want to consider the security of adequate medical insurance. You might be a long way away from the nearest landfall if and when you fall sick or suffer an injury. You may welcome the peace of mind, therefore, in knowing that any on-board medical assistance is covered, with the option of an airlift to the nearest hospital if such an emergency arises;
  • winter sports insurance: medical cover might prove similarly valuable when you are careering down the slopes only to end up with the odd broken bone or two. Given the likely cost of the ensuing medical bills, you may be especially glad of your insurance cover;
  • backpackers insurance: the freedom of the open road, with everything you need simply strapped to your back, has an appeal to many youngsters and the young at heart. Cover may be arranged on a number of different levels – ranging from economy plans to those offering more comprehensive protection. In addition to normal medical assistance these also typically include protection against the risk of injury when and if you engage in a wide range of activities;
  • single trip insurance: whatever your travel plans, therefore, there is almost certain to be a policy to meet your needs. If the trip is a one-off, or you are not such a frequent traveller, you might want to consider insurance specifically for that journey;
  • multi-trip insurance: if you are a seasoned and regular traveller, however, you might instead want to consider multi-trip cover. Not only is this valid throughout the year – thus freeing you from the need to arrange separate travel insurance on every trip – but your annual cover is also typically offered at a significant discount.

With such a range of different policies available, you are likely to make easier weather of the quest to find the cover that suits your particular requirements – as well as meeting your budget.