Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Making sense of travel insurance reviews

In order to compare and review practically any list of goods or services, there are essentially two basic requirements:

· knowing what it is that you want – what provides the most suitable solution for your particular, individual needs and requirements; and

· what does the market have to offer – your choice between competing suppliers of the product you want, at a competitive price that represents good value for money.

Here at Bengo Travel, we take particular pride in helping customers to determine just what kind of travel insurance most suits their needs and tailoring one in our extensive range of travel insurance products to match those requirements.

Travel insurance reviews

Before settling on one of our tailor-made policies, however, we recognise that you may want to conduct your own review of those on offer in the market. In doing so, what might you be looking for?

The government backed Money Advice Service suggests that “good travel insurance” might be rated according to “must have”, “should have” and “could have” elements of cover:

Must have

· the critical component under this heading is the amount of medical emergency cover offered and the insurer’s approach to pre-existing medical conditions – some insurers might completely rule out certain conditions, whilst others may offer special premium rates;

· repatriation following a medical emergency and ordered on medial grounds;

· cancellation or curtailment of your travel for reasons beyond your control – the sudden illness of you or a member of your immediate family, for example;

· missed travel connections, delays and departures – again for reasons beyond your control – and might include reimbursement of the costs of any additional travel or accommodation required;

· cover for your baggage and personal possessions in the event of their being lost, stolen or damaged; and

· public liability cover, in the event of your actions or inactions resulting in the personal injury or damage to the property of a member of the public;

Should have

· the option to include emergency dental treatment;

· the loss or theft of money, credit cards, prepaid travel tickets or passes and important documents such as your passport; and

· personal injury, theft, loss or damage resulting from acts of terrorism;

Could have

· financial failure of the scheduled airline on which your travel is booked; and

· winter sports, skiing, snowboarding or cover for other adventure activities included as standard.

When making these suggested comparisons, you might want to take on board quite how many of the must, should and could haves form an integral part of the travel insurance policies we offer here at Bengo Travel.

This includes a dedicated emergency medical assistance telephone line, available 24/7, scheduled airline failure cover included as standard, cover for a range of up to 300 adventure sports and activities and the absence of any age restriction on the policies we arrange.