Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Save money on your travel insurance

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is unequivocal about the importance of arranging travel insurance if you are going abroad.

Medical emergencies and the need for costly treatment are generally cited as the principal reasons, since:

· something as relatively common as a stomach bug which needs treatment in a hospital on the west coast of the United States, together with the cost of flying back to the UK might set you back as much as £100,000; and

· even treatment as close to home as a hospital in Spain, together with the flight home might cost £15,000.

In view of the potential risks, the cost of travel insurance might seem like a small price to pay. But that’s not to say you need overlook opportunities to save money:

Value for money

When buying travel insurance – as with any other kind of insurance – it is rarely a question of opting for the cheapest, but choosing the cover that suits your particular, individual needs and circumstances;

What you are likely to be looking for, therefore, is value for money – and this depends on making sure that the cover you choose is the cover that best suits your needs;

If you have any difficulty determining just what those needs might be and which policies may meet them, consider consulting a specialist travel insurance provider – such as us here at Bengo Travel;

Where you are going?

Buying cover that is appropriate for the particular part of the world in which you are going to be travelling may help save you money – cover for Europe and the Mediterranean, for instance, is likely to prove cheaper than the Far East or Latin America.

How long you are going?

It makes a difference, of course, how long you are intending to be travelling – the longer the time you are away, the greater the risks, which are going to be higher on a long stay holiday than a weekend break.

What are you going to be doing?

· Travel insurance is no longer a matter of one size fits all;

· It may be tailored to fit the particular kind of holiday on which you are embarking and therefore better cover the particular risks you might encounter;

· These might include obviously active or adventurous pursuits, such as skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports or they may involve the altogether more sedate pastimes you may encounter on a cruise – whatever the intended purpose of your travel, there is likely to be travel insurance specially tailored to cover it.

Frequent traveller savings

If you are a frequent traveller – expecting to go abroad more than twice a year, for instance – you may find that annual, multi-trip travel insurance is the more economical solution and keeps you securely covered throughout the year, no matter how many overseas journeys you make.

Travel insurance may be about matching your needs to the insurance cover available, so as to enjoy good value for money, but there are still ways you might do this and also save money into the bargain.