Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Saving money on your school holiday travel arrangements

You cannot take children out of school during term time without upsetting the school and disturbing the tutoring of your child. Unfortunately this means that holiday prices are generally at their highest during the school holidays. However, there are some ways that you may be able to save money on your travel arrangements, summer travel insurance, and even on your holiday overall.

See if you can bag yourself a bargain

You may be able to get yourself a bargain if you don’t mind leaving at the last minute and you don’t have one set place in mind for your holiday. Savings may be made even during the school holidays this way if you are willing to book a holiday that means you have to travel within a day or two of booking. Savings may also be made if you look for cancellations, again, this may mean leaving at short notice.

Summer travel insurance

It may pay to shop around and compare the best deals for your holiday and the internet is a great place to do that. However, one thing that you should not try to skimp on is your summer travel insurance. When it comes to insurance a specialist insurance broker, such as ourselves at Bengo Travel, may typically offer you the most competitively priced cover. With our annual multi-trip insurance policies, children go free under family cover, so that may be worth considering if you have several breaks a year.

Check for charges

When booking your flight you may want to save money by ensuring that there are no additional charges, which may include:

  • pre-booking and choice of seat;
  • baggage holding;
  • priority boarding
  • charges associated with check-in.

You might also wish to bear in mind when it comes to flights that if you book a flight with a stop-over, it typically costs less than a direct flight.

Take a holiday during the cooler months

Children have holidays throughout the year and you may be able to save money on your holiday if you don’t travel during the main summer months. For instance, savings may be made if you go on holiday during the cooler months; the last week of August is typically cheaper than at the start of the month. This may mean you can sneak in a break before the children return to school in September.

Options for holidays

Savings may also be made on the holiday itself - bear in mind there are different options. A week’s holiday in the UK may work out cheaper than one abroad, while choosing self-catering instead of all-inclusive typically also works out cheaper.

Caravanning is also a popular way to have a more cost effective break, too.

We hope these tips have given you some food for thought on how to cut costs, while still having an enjoyable family holiday.