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Saving money when travelling around Europe

Continental Europe is one of the favourite destinations for tourists from all over the world. And for good reason too. As the website Budget Your Trip points out, it has more than its fair share of history, more than enough picturesque villages, pubs aplenty and good transport links.

Those very attractions might make it more difficult if you are travelling on a budget and want to save money when travelling around Europe. So here are a few tips and suggestions that may help you to do just that:

Avoid high season

· by definition, the high summer season is when the rest of the world is looking to visit Europe;

· it’s the time of year when everywhere is likely to be crowded, all the accommodation and transport opportunities have already been booked up and when most of the locals are anyway elsewhere on holidays of their own;

· travel during out of season, therefore, if you want to save money and experience how the people who call it home actually live;

Make use of tourist information facilities

· practically anywhere you are likely to go boasts its own tourist information office;

· this is not only an invaluable source for finding out what’s on in the area and ideas for sights to see (many of them free of charge), but also has free maps, special, cut-price promotions, and information on how and where to get discounted travel passes and passes to places such as museums and galleries;


· European travel insurance is important, not least in the event of medical emergencies, or the theft or loss of your baggage or belongings whilst on your travels around the Continent;

· you are unlikely to find that it costs a great deal – especially if it is arranged through a specialist insurance provider such as Bengo Travel – and your outlay is going to be more than recovered in the event of a claim;

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

· even with the protection of travel insurance, it is still a good idea to arm yourself with a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – available online and valid for 5 years – for access to publicly provided health facilities at a reduced rate or at no cost at all;

Early bookings

· it might be something of an anathema to your free spirited approach to European travel, but planning ahead and making most of your bookings and reservations before you leave home may generally save a lot of money;

· this is certainly the case when you are visiting in summer time, when most places are already likely to be full of visitors, but may also pay dividends if you are travelling in the out of season shoulder months.

Even when visiting some of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, you may still find it possible to save money on your travels.