Travel insurance at affordable premiums

The importance of travel insurance

In one sense, it might be stating the obvious to point out that different people have different requirements for insurance cover.

Yet at BenGo Travel, that truth is something we will never lose sight of. That’s because it influences the way we provide travel insurance solutions that cater for different individuals and different travel situations.

To cite just a few illustrations:

  1. not everyone travelling overseas is necessarily young. That’s why there are policies available that will cater for almost any age, including those people who are over 100 years old;
  2. you may be doing a single one-off holiday trip or alternatively you may be planning a number of overseas journeys in the 12 months ahead. If the latter’s the case, an annual multi-trip policy may be far more cost-effective than purchasing multiple individual policies each time you travel;
  3. people also travel for different reasons and for different durations. Although the classic illustration might be that two-week annual holiday, it’s also possibly the case that you might be planning a longer backpacker-type trip. If so, specific backpacker policies might offer the type of cover you require;
  4. there are also special policies available for types of holidays such as cruising and winter sports;
  5. of course, identifying the different types of policies available might be accused of begging the question as to whether you really need any cover at all;
  6. some people mistakenly believe that if travelling to a European Union destination, then the government and various European institutions would automatically provide them with full insurance. In fact, typically that is not the case;
  7. European Union agreements only entitle you to emergency reciprocal health cover, which will be provided on the same basis as it would be to citizens of the country locally. It’s worth noting that would not include things such as medical repatriation, additional expenses incurred by your family in staying on to look after you or things such as baggage loss and airline failures;
  8. if you are travelling outside of the European Union, you should be aware that in some countries, you may not even be able to access emergency medical services unless you are able to demonstrate your ability to pay for them. You might find that the costs involved may be staggeringly high and seriously damaging to your financial position unless you have the help of insurance behind you;
  9. all things considered, it might be risky bordering on irresponsible to travel overseas unless you have a certain minimum level of travel cover in place to protect you and your family.

Inevitably, people look closely at travel costs and in some cases understandably seek to economise as much as is possible.

Yet taking into account the typically modest cost of putting in place appropriate travel protection, this might not be an area where it makes sense to cut costs.