Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Tips for comparing travel insurance

Remembering to arrange travel insurance is as important as taking your passport whenever you make a trip abroad, reckons Martin Lewis of the Money Saving Expert.

It is one thing to remember the need for travel insurance, however, but how might you go about comparing the many different types of cover available on the market and choosing the one that suits your particular needs and requirements?


From the moment you start making reservations for your flights or hotel accommodation, you are also likely to be offered travel insurance at practically every turn.

Although the convenience of arranging your insurance at the same time as making those bookings might appear tempting, you might want to consider whether the cover offered is in fact the cover you need and whether it comes at the most competitive price.

Such agents, of course, are not insurance specialists, so you might ask yourself whether these are the most appropriate sources for comparing travel insurance.


A travel insurance specialist on the other hand is likely to be able to tailor cover to your precise needs and requirements.

The policies we offer here at Bengo Travel, for instance, are specifically designed to ensure that when attempting to compare travel insurance you need look no further – wherever in the world and for whatever purpose, we are likely to have a policy for you.

Single trip or annual cover?

When comparing the different types of policy available, you might also want to ask yourself whether you are looking for single trip insurance or cover that lasts the whole year round and offers the protection you need however many trips you make.

Single trip insurance, for instance, might be your choice if you are taking a short trip, a weekend break or an unplanned business trip. The cover typically includes all the protection you may need – such as medical insurance, cover for loss or damage to your baggage or the cancellation of your flights or other travel arrangements – for a single trip, typically up to a maximum of 60 days.

But there are also annual travel insurance plans available. Upon payment of just a single premium, the same level of comprehensive travel cover extends for multiple journeys, as many as you may choose, throughout the entire year.

Such an annual policy is typically cheaper than single trip cover – on a trip by trip basis – and has the added advantage of keeping you insured whenever you need to travel and wherever in the world you intend to go. In other words, you have the peace of mind that you remain covered and have no need to worry about arranging travel insurance every time you are about to embark on a trip.

Given the ease with which your booking agent, airline or hotel may make the purchase of travel insurance, it is still important to compare the different types of travel insurance available on the market in order to secure precisely the cover appropriate to your particular travel plans.

For that reason, you might choose to consult a specialist provider of travel insurance, such as ourselves.