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Single trip travel insurance FAQs

If you are planning a single trip, a holiday for example, you are going to need single trip insurance. As the name of the policy might suggest, this type of travel insurance is typically taken out to provide protection for a single trip, whether a holiday or you are going on business. For instance, you may require insurance when enjoying a:

  • romantic weekend to Paris, Milan or one of the many other romantic destinations in Europe;
  • long weekend city break;
  • holiday abroad for a week or fortnight;
  • honeymoon;
  • business trip.

Is travel insurance required only if travelling abroad?

Even if you are not travelling outside of the UK, a policy could still be worth considering.

However, there are certain factors to consider if visiting the UK and one is generally that your trip takes you a minimum amount of miles radius away from your home and you have arranged accommodation.

Bear in mind that travel insurance providers typically offer insurance for different regions, these are usually listed as:

  • Europe;
  • worldwide and;
  • worldwide including the USA, Canada and Caribbean.

With the above in mind ensure that you take out the correct policy. Also, insurance providers may not offer insurance for countries where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are giving advice on not to travel to. You should visit the FCO website to find out tips on staying safe abroad.

Travelling to more than a single country on your trip

You may be planning on travelling to more than one single country during your holiday. You can get single trip insurance to provide protection to more than one destination, if it is part of your single trip. What you do have to take into account is that the policy provides protection for the different regions you are travelling to.

Can I take travel insurance out ahead of my holiday?

When taking out insurance for a single trip you can plan and buy ahead. You don’t have to wait until a couple of days before leaving. You may take out insurance and put the start date of your holiday as the day that you are leaving.

If your trip is cancelled after you have taken out insurance you generally have peace of mind that it is covered for cancellation from the date you purchased the insurance policy (subject to conditions and exclusions).

Understanding the excess on a policy

There is typically a certain amount of excess that you have to pay out on an insurance policy in the event of making a successful claim. This is the first part of a successful claim that you are liable for.

Is a European Health Insurance Card Needed?

If you are visiting a country in the EU and you fall ill or suffer an accident you will generally be treated in a public hospital. With this in mind you are going to need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

If you are taken to hospital you can then hand over your card. A card typically allows you to get treatment for reduced cost and in some cases free of charge.

Do note, however, than an EHIC card is no substitution for travel insurance. For more information, read our European health insurance Faqs here.

How to take out insurance

Single trip insurance may be taken out online and at Bengo Travel we will help you to get a travel insurance policy that is the most suitable for you and the trip you are planning – and at a competitive cost.