Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Tips for comparing travel insurance

Any number of advisory bodies – whether the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, the Association of British Travel Agents , even the government itself – all stress the need for travel insurance if you are planning to take a trip away from home.

There is certainly a huge range of travel insurance products on the market, so what might you be looking for when comparing one against another?


  • in anything we buy, price is likely to be a consideration and this is also true of travel insurance;
  • prices vary quite widely, so you might want to shop around and give yourself plenty of time in advance to find cover that represents good value for money – since leaving it until the last minute, with a rushed purchase at the airport, from your travel agent, holiday company or even your local supermarket is likely to be one of the most expensive ways of buying it;

The cover you need

  • but price alone, of course, is unlikely to prove a very helpful guide – good value for money relies just as much on securing insurance which meets your particular, individual needs;
  • simply put, no one size fits all – and the standard types of policy sold by holiday companies and supermarkets are unlikely to reflect all the cover you need for your particular holiday;
  • that is where, here at Bengo Travel, our specially tailored travel insurance policies may meet your individual needs and requirements;

Comparing what’s covered

  • there are a number of elements you might want to keep in mind when comparing what is covered by one particular insurance policy with another;
  • most important, perhaps, is the level of emergency medical cover included in the policy – medical treatment overseas might cost you thousands of pounds, warns the government sponsored Money Advice Service , which also reveals that even the average medical claim amount to more than £2,000;
  • our own single trip insurance, for instance, gives you cover of up to £5 million – a sum that is likely to meet the costs of any emergency medical treatment, the cost of having a close relative accompany you in hospital or escort you in any necessary repatriation back home to the UK;
  • you might also want to compare the level of public liability cover offered by your travel insurance – another potentially very expensive risk in the event of your actions, or failure to act, resulting in the injury of someone else or damage to their property;
  • you also need to compare the regions of the world covered by your travel insurance policy – some may be limited to travel solely within Europe, for instance, whilst others extend to Australasia and the rest of the world (with the possible inclusion or exclusion of North America and the Caribbean);
  • it is not just a question of where in the world you might be going, but also what you expect to be doing when you get there;
  • the more adventurous your intended activities, the more you are likely to require specialist travel insurance to cover those pursuits – with a policy from us here at Bengo Travel, for instance, you are able to cover an especially extensive range of more than 300 adventure activities.

When comparing travel insurance, therefore, you are likely to look at far more than the simple question of price. Getting the cover that suits your particular needs and circumstances may prove far more decisive.