Travel insurance at affordable premiums

What is single trip insurance?

There might be many reasons why you are travelling abroad.

It could possibly be any one of the following:

  • your annual holiday;
  • a quick weekend break you have awarded yourself by way of a special treat;
  • you are taking a quick trip over to the continent on business;
  • perhaps you are travelling to someone's wedding.

In fact, there could be many more reasons why you are planning to leave the UK for a while but when doing so you might need to ask yourself a question – is this likely to be a one-off trip or might you be travelling abroad several times in the year ahead?

The reason for that is simple and it relates to the nature of the insurance industry as a whole.

Broadly speaking, the more specific a policy is to your particular requirements then the more likely you might be to obtain relevant cover and at a cost-effective price.

That's why, at BenGo Travel, we offer special policies that are aimed at specific sets of traveller requirements. One of those is our award-winning* single trip insurance policy aimed specifically at people who are likely to be travelling on a one-off basis.

Of course, not everyone planning a single trip will necessarily have the same requirements and that's why the policies can be tailored, within certain parameters, to suit your individual needs.

There are other policies that may be more suitable in circumstances where you believe you are likely to be travelling several times in the year ahead (annual cover) or those that are specifically designed for cruise holidays or snow sports etc.

In terms of the cover provided, it is always important to read the policy thoroughly in order to be certain that you both understand it and are comfortable with the level of protection it is offering.

Broadly speaking, this type of policy is aimed at covering things such as medical emergencies, the theft or loss of things such as baggage and personal belongings, airline collapses and so on. Though note that cover for some holiday types, such as backpacking, may vary.

Inevitably when speaking of travel cover, there is a tendency to wonder if you will ever need it and whether or not it is worth trying to do without it.

If you run into trouble overseas, it is worth keeping in mind a number of pertinent facts:

  • the amount of financial assistance you would receive from the British embassy or consulate in an emergency, may be very limited indeed (or non-existent in certain situations) and you would almost certainly need to repay it quickly upon your arrival back in the UK;
  • in some countries, while the healthcare may be excellent, it might also be staggeringly expensive. You might even find that you have difficulty accessing it in an emergency unless you were able to pay on the spot or had evidence that you had an insurance policy to cover the costs.

The cost of protective cover when travelling overseas is typically likely to be a relatively minor component of your overall expenditure.

If nothing else, it may provide you with that peace of mind so necessary in order to enjoy your trip.

*2013 'Best Buy' award in Which magazine