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Ski insurance tips for lower cost cover

As winter draws nigh your thoughts are likely to turn to making the most of any snow European ski resorts may have to offer.

To help you enjoy your sport with prudent safeguards and protection in place, you are also likely to give thought to the ski insurance you need. The most savvy of travellers and sportsmen have already found ways of lowering the cost of that cover and their tips include the following:

Specialist cover

· even though you may be looking for lower cost cover, it is important to remember that ski insurance is generally a specialist form of protection;

· government guidance on travel insurance, for example, points out that standard policies typically exclude skiing and other potentially hazardous activities;

· this may be true of the travel insurance customarily offered to customers by banks and credit card issuers – so you need to check carefully whether your skiing holiday is covered by such apparently cheap deals;

· for specialist cover – at a competitive price – therefore, you might want to consult a niche insurer such as ourselves at Bengo Travel;

Your safety first

· there is no cutting corners when it comes to cover for medical emergencies and treatment – for reasons of your own safety and to avoid the potentially very high costs of mountainside rescue, hospitalisation and possible repatriation to the UK by a special, medically-equipped flight;

· according to an official report released by the European Commission the cost of helicopter rescue from the slopes in Austria (a long-time favourite for skiers) is between 4,000 and 8,000 Euros;

· the cost of treatment in hospital may add a further 1,000 Euros a day and a medical flight back to the UK might cost an additional 4,000 to 8,000 Euros;

· cover against such medical injuries and emergencies is typically included in even the most basic specialist ski insurance policies – ski insurance cover for instance offers medical cover of up to £2 million in a policy designed for those wanting to save money and up to £5 million for those who are seeking more comprehensive cover;

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

· you might be tempted into lowering the cost of your ski insurance by relying solely on your free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – which gives EU nationals access to public health care systems in the respective countries;

· when using this facility, however, bear in mind that the medical attention you need may not be offered by the relevant public health care services;

· even where they are so covered, you may have to pay the bill first and reclaim (typically only a percentage) later;

Skiing … and more

· gone are the days when a trip to the snow-covered slopes meant skiing only – today there are all manner of related winter sports activities such as snowboarding, bobsleighing, tobogganing, glacier walking, para-skiing and many others;

· when looking to lower the costs of your ski insurance, however, it is important to ensure that your specialist insurance covers the particular pursuits in which you intend to engage;

· the Telegraph newspaper published a story on the 21st of October 2015, identifying which ski resorts permitted the recreational use of drones (to take photographs) and those where the flying machines are banned;

· clearly, flying a drone might increase your risk of facing a public liability claim if someone is injured and if you are doing so in an area where the activity is expressly prohibited, you might find that your insurer rejects any claim.

By choosing a specialist insurer for your skiing holiday you may be in a position to lower the costs of this essential safeguard without cutting any corners in protecting you, your equipment and others around you.

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