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5 things you need to know about ski insurance

Ski insurance is no ordinary travel insurance, for the simple reason that a skiing holiday is no ordinary holiday – hence its excitement and appeal.

Because it is a specialist form of travel insurance, therefore, here are at five things about it which you might want to keep firmly in mind:

1. Specialist cover

  • because it is a specialist form of cover, standard travel insurance does not provide adequate cover;
  • therefore. you might want to ensure that you arrange your ski insurance through a suitably experienced specialist provider – such as those of us here at Bengo Travel;

2. Taking care

  • like most forms of general insurance, ski insurance places upon you the obligation for mitigating the risk of personal injury or other loss or damage;
  • in particular, therefore, your insurer has the right to expect and insist that you wear a ski helmet – and resorts in some parts of the world may also insist upon such protection;
  • if your insurer or the resort you are visiting imposes such a requirement, any claim you may need to make might be rejected if you fail to take the necessary precautions;

3. Staying sober

  • part of taking due care is your responsibility for staying sober whenever you take to the slopes;
  • if it comes to your insurer’s attention that you may have been skiing whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, any injury claim may be rejected;
  • it is important, therefore, that you give no reason for the insurer reaching any such conclusion – and this might include avoiding skiing in the morning after a particularly lively evening the day before;

4. Skiing off-piste

  • with respect to your responsibility for mitigating any risk of personal injury, loss or damage, the magazine The Week also points out that your insurer may not extend cover for your skiing off-piste;
  • if your preference is for the more extreme sport of skiing off-piste, therefore, you may need to ensure that this continues to be adequately insured;

5. Medical cover

  • it may already be clear that one of the central and most important elements of any ski insurance is the provision for medical emergencies, rescue, treatment, and possible repatriation;
  • these are all costs that may assume very significant proportions – and costs that may not be fully covered by standard travel insurance or by the reciprocal health agreements to which you are entitled within the European Union;
  • in terms of the latter – the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – it is important to keep in mind the relative limitations of the medical assistance available under the scheme, including the fact, for example, that it does not cover the cost of your being repatriated to the UK to recover from any injuries;

Ski insurance may be an essential form of specialist insurance and provide important protection for you and your possessions when on holiday, but it also typically calls upon you to continue to exercise due care and responsibility when taking to the slopes.