Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Tips for comparing travel insurance

Just as you will have probably searched and compared to find the most suitable deal for a holiday, the same applies when looking for single trip insurance for your holiday. Not all policies offer the same features and benefits, or cost the same. Some offer more comprehensive cover for a little bit more and it may not always pay to go for the cheapest policy. Our first tip is to ensure that you get affordable but adequate protection and here are some more tips.

Things to take into account when looking for insurance

Here are some further considerations when looking for travel insurance for your holiday

  • check to find out the level of cover the policy provides. For instance, typically a policy may cover loss or theft of your baggage / personal belongings, travel delays, cancellation of the holiday, medical insurance including fees and repatriation back to the UK;
  • your age may reflect on the premiums charged, with older people paying higher premiums;
  • if you have an existing medical condition it is imperative to tell the provider, even though it may boost the premium up a bit. Failure to tell the company of an existing illness may render the policy void, in the event you having to make a claim (whether related to the existing medical condition or not – further reading: Guide to travelling with existing health conditions );
  • bear in mind that personal possessions may be protected against theft or loss, however, there is typically a limit on the claim;
  • some possessions, such as electrical equipment and mobiles phones, may be excluded from the insurance policy. If in doubt check, you may be able to add on insurance to cover them into the policy;
  • if your policy provides compensation for cancellation of the holiday you may wish to check how much compensation. If you are going on a cruise and it costs thousands, does the policy cover that much? You may be able to save money if going on a budget holiday and you don’t need the policy to cover you for thousands of pounds for cancellation;
  • bear in mind that single trip insurance may not provide adequate protection if you are taking a cruise . In this case you may need specialist cruise insurance;
  • you may need specialist insurance if you are taking an extended holiday for longer than one month;
  • if you are taking out a family insurance policy it may not include step children;
  • be aware that if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a warning advising against visiting a specific country for some reason, the insurance many be invalid. Always check with the insurer if in doubt;
  • do you need single trip insurance or would you save by taking out annual insurance. This depends on whether you are travelling more than once in a single year;
  • bear in mind that some activities and sports may not be covered in the standard travel insurance policy. If in doubt ask the provider.

At Bengo Travel we aim to offer competitively priced single trip insurance with comprehensive cover, to ensure you get the most out of your holiday without worrying about whether you are protected if the worst were to happen.