Travel insurance at affordable premiums

What Do You Think Of Travel Insurance?

For many people, the general subject of insurance is unlikely to be on their top list of favourites. When it comes to arranging cover for your holidays or business trip, it might even be seen as a distraction from the principal aim of simply enjoying your time abroad.

Two of the principal reasons for such apparently negative attitudes may be the perceived cost of insurance and the time and trouble it may take to arrange it.

Time and cost

At Bengo Travel, we are aware that your time is important, but equally concerned that you are able to take advantage of the protection and security that travel insurance has to offer.

For that reason, we have attempted to make our website easy to navigate and for you to get a quote at the single click of a button. The information we need in order to provide your quote is kept to the absolute minimum, so that you are able to complete a proposal quickly, with your cover taking immediate effect.

But you may also read the full detailed description of your insurance cover in the policy booklets that are also online.

When it comes to cost, of course, what might seem affordable to one person might appear less so to another. What is a reasonable price, however, might be viewed from the alternative perspective of travelling without insurance – a very expensive bill for overseas emergency medical care and attention in the event of your falling sick or suffering an injury, for instance.

Cost is important to us

For all that, however, we recognise the importance of cost. For that reason we have designed a number of different packages and plans designed to ensure that you have the widest possible choice, offering different levels of cover.

Our policies for backpackers, for example, are offered in the expectation that insurance is likely to be price-critical for this group of travellers. That is why there is a budget option for those who want just that all-important medical cover, to a mid-range policy offering somewhat wider cover and an optimum policy that gives backpackers comprehensive security and protection.

Insurance to suit your particular needs

Policies have been developed with one thing uppermost – the most useful type of insurance is likely to be the one that provides the cover most suitable to your particular needs and circumstances. If you are venturing off on a winter sports holiday, for example, your needs may be quite different to those about to embark on a cruise.

Some individuals seem always to be travelling; others may do so only once in a blue moon. Their needs too are probably quite different. A single trip policy, for example, might suit someone planning a long-awaited but one-off holiday. A multi-trip policy on the other hand gives the frequent traveller the convenience of year-round cover for as many holidays or business trip as they may care to make.