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5 things you need to know about ski insurance

You have organised the time off work, you have made your travel arrangements, and you have checked the relevant snow records – in a word, you are ready to respond to the call of the winter’s slopes to indulge your passion for skiing.

You know that ski insurance really ought to be there as part of your planning and preparation, but is it really worth it?

Here are 5 things it might be helpful to know about ski insurance:

1. It is specialist insurance

  • saying that ski insurance is a specialist form of insurance is a simple way of underlining the fact that a typical, standard for of travel insurance is likely to exclude any kind of skiing holiday;
  • the risks involved in a skiing holiday are different from and of a different order to those encountered during other forms of travel, so you need a different, specialist type of insurance;
  • specialist insurance is provided by a specialist insurer – such as us here at Bengo Travel;

2. Avalanches

  • however diligently you checked the weather reports on skiing conditions at your chosen resort, there remains the risk of an avalanche causing havoc to personal safety, property and transport;
  • an avalanche might prevent your being able to get to your chosen resort or leave you hemmed in there when it comes time for you to depart;
  • a ski insurance policy may help to compensate for additional nights of accommodation that might be required or any changes to the travel arrangements you had made;

3. Closed slopes and facilities

  • on the other hand, you might face the opposite kind of problem, where the simple absence of sufficient snowfall has resulted in ski-lifts stopping operation, facilities winding down and the slopes themselves being officially closed;
  • in that event, ski insurance may help compensate you for the loss of access to and enjoyment of the activities for which you arranged your holiday;

4. Injury

  • it is certainly not the case that every skiing holiday inevitably ends up in broken bones for you or another member of your party;
  • but when accidents happen, the costs may mount up alarmingly – mountain rescue, especially if it involves medical evacuation by helicopter, treatment in hospital, flying out a close relative to stay by your bedside, and your accompanied flights back home – may all involve considerable expense;
  • these are expenses which ski insurance may help to meet – through the provision of cover ranging from £2 million to £5 million, depending on the level of travel insurance you choose;

5. Playing your part

  • ski insurance or not, you are still expected to play your part on staying safe on the slopes;
  • the cover you arrange may be compromised – or even invalidated – by your failure to follow the safety rules of the resort you are in;
  • if helmets are required, for instance, these need to be worn, skiing off-piste entails particular dangers which need to be respected, whilst attempting to ski whilst under the influence of alcohol may seriously jeopardise any insurance you have.

On the basis of these five reasons alone, you might begin to see just why ski insurance is likely to be well worth it.