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6 top tips for enjoyable winter sports

Travel insurance is an important business but that doesn't mean that it should become the only focus of your next holiday!

To try and help get you in the right recreational mind set, here are a few thoughts from us at Bengo Travel relating to how to go about organizing your winter sports holiday:

  1. many forms of winter sports are sort of dependent upon there being some snow around! The weather can rarely be absolutely guaranteed anywhere but before booking your break, invest some time in researching the snow record for the potential destinations you are looking at;
  2. winter sports tend to involve lots of physical activity. Whether you're talking about skiing, snowboarding or glacier walking (etc.), the chances of injury may be ever-present. Don't let that stop you going but make sure that you have appropriate winter sports insurance in place so that you get the best medical care and attention and if necessary, can be medically repatriated back to the UK;
  3. look for resorts that have a good selection of non-sporting subsidiary activities. The logic behind that is clear - however much you enjoy snow-based sports, you can't do them 24 x 7. In the evenings aprés-ski will be important and even the most avid skiers will admit that sometimes it's nice to get a break and spend some time in things like cinemas, swimming pools, health spas and so on. Some winter sports resorts are rather stronger on these additional activities than others;
  4. be aware of your expertise levels and those of anyone travelling with you. Some resorts are excellent for beginners while others are aimed more at those who could be described as experts. Some resorts might offer a good mixture of the two. Plan ahead if you don't want to find, for example, children bored because they can't participate or more experienced members of your party becoming frustrated because they are not being stretched;
  5. research the equipment requirements and prices carefully before departure. If you are a relative novice, it might not be sensible to invest heavily in your own winter sports equipment. It can be expensive to purchase, costly to transport with you and you may decide you don't like the sport and never use it again! Some resorts may have extensive equipment hire facilities but again check carefully, as the costs can be substantial in some cases. Do the mathematics to decide which is the most cost effective;
  6. look up the surroundings of the resort on unbiased internet sites rather than simply through the travel agent's photographs. Some winter sports resorts were built entirely in the 1970s and 1980s, with some of them today looking rather like vast grey concrete jungles that are at odds with their beautiful surroundings. Older traditional resorts or those that were built more recently may use natural materials and have an old-world charm that integrates well with surrounding nature. If you like picturesque residential surroundings, you may not find the 1970s-style resort architectures to your liking.

Winter sports are one of the fastest-growing holiday types and if you haven't ever tried them, you may find yourself falling in love rapidly!