Travel insurance at affordable premiums

Demolishing travel insurance myths

It's not unusual to encounter people who have some perhaps overly-optimistic views about how they would cope should the worst happen when they were on holiday.

At Bengo Travel, we offer a range of holiday cover, including winter sports insurance, as we know just how devastatingly expensive such problems can be.

Here are just some of the more commonly encountered misconceptions with the actual reality confirmed below:

  • the UK government would help in a crisis.

    In fact, the help you might receive from embassy or consulate staff would typically be extremely limited. They might arrange for your emergency repatriation in exceptional circumstances but it may be unlikely to include financial on-site help with expenses. Note that you would need to reimburse the government upon your return for any costs they may have incurred on your behalf. You may be able to find out more on the government's own website here:;

  • providing you are in the EU, you are entitled to free medical care.

    No, you're not. Providing you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) you may be eligible for free or reduced cost emergency medical treatment on the same basis as local citizens. Note that in some European Union countries, local people may have to pay for more services than we're used to paying for in the United Kingdom. Even with the European card, you may find yourself facing hefty bills;

  • travel companies provide automatic insurance.

    This is a common and potentially dangerous misconception. In practice, holiday travel operators may offer only certain elements of limited cover, as defined by their legal liabilities. That might typically not include things such as health cover for you or protection for your personal possessions should they be lost or stolen etc;

  • I'm young and fit, so am unlikely to be taken ill on holiday

    It's to be hoped that is the case but can you be sure? Even if you have the very best of health, accidents and injuries might still leave you facing staggeringly high medical and possibly repatriation expenses. That might be a particular risk on trips such as winter sports holidays;

  • you can't cover things such as overseas or credit card fraud and stolen documents

    The cover available on a typical holiday policy may vary significantly between providers but you may find some policies that can indeed offer such financial protection - up to specified limits;

  • there's no point looking for insurance, as I have an existing medical condition

    That's not necessarily the case. It is correct that insurance providers will typically ask you to declare openly and frankly, details of any existing medical conditions you may be suffering from. That is not the same as saying that they won't offer you cover though. Your condition may be seen as being something that can be covered with perhaps a minor adjustment to the terms. In some cases, for the payment of a relatively modest extra premium, it may be possible to include certain conditions under cover.

It's usually a good idea to avoid making assumptions about travel policies and instead get the facts from an established expert provider.