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Expensive Après-ski: Or Winter Sports Insurance?

It might be one of the most expensive après-ski periods of your life – and there is unlikely to be much partying or celebrating involved.

Broken bones – or worse

Take a tumble on the slopes, break a bone or two, or even worse – and that long-awaited winding down with friends in a cosy chalet might instead be swapped for several nights in hospital. The real pain, however, might not even be the accident and the medical treatment you have received, but the bill for such care that is presented at the end of your stay.

Winter sports insurance arranged by ourselves at Bengo Travel, however, might free you from such a nightmare by covering the costs associated with medical care and assistance whilst you are abroad. Ensuring that you are adequately covered against the cost of sickness or injury form an essential key to our policies.

The chalet hermit

Winter sports holiday are typically no longer than a week or two – or even a matter of days. One of the most frustrating results, therefore, is to find that you have become a hermit in your own chalet, simply because of the lack of snow having closed the resort. It might not make up for the thrills and spills of snow-covered slopes, but our policies provide you financial compensation for each day that the resort is closed through lack of snow.

Another unfortunate event that might lead to your enforced stay indoors – or even failure to arrive at your resort – is the risk of an avalanche. If such an event occurs and you are unable to make your return trip home on time, or fail to reach your resort when you were supposed to, we will again ensure that your policy includes some measure of financial compensation.

Although there are, of course, no guarantees when it comes to snowfall, you might be able to avoid some of the disappointment of such a distinct lack of winter by visiting the website of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) which provides forecasts for winter sports venues around the world – the WMO even provide similar information through an app you can download for your smartphone.

Loss, damage and theft

Even mildly experienced winter sports enthusiasts are likely to have spent a pretty penny or two on their equipment – whether skis, boards, boots or clothing.

Loss, damage or that probably most irritating risk of theft of any of your possessions are all included in the cover we provide.


If you take the prudent approach of arranging appropriate insurance for your winter sports, you may find that you are truly able to enjoy not only your time on the slopes, but during those all-important après-ski events too – it is a simple precaution that you may find yourself glad to have taken.