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Snowboarding Insurance

Gone are the days when winter sports were limited to skiing and maybe a spot of ice-skating. Recent years have seen an explosion in the popularity of snowboarding as an alternative way of getting all the thrills you need on the glistening white slopes.

Along with such new-found forms of adventure, however, come new-found risks and the need for specialist forms of travel insurance to help you from the consequences of such risks.

That specialist cover comes in the form of snowboarding insurance, which here at Bengo Travel, we take a special interest in arranging.

Amongst its key features are the following:

Accidents and medical emergencies

  • snowboarding involves risk to life and limb – and that adrenaline rush might be one of its principal attractions;
  • there are still plenty of safety precautions you might take – and general advice for everyone on the slopes may be found here – but accidents may still happen;
  • when and if they do, snowboarding insurance is there to ensure that no expense is spared in getting you down from the mountain, into hospital, treated according to your needs and, if necessary, repatriated back to the UK;

Health care back-up

  • in addition to the medical cover included in snowboarding insurance, you might also want to make sure of the additional security provided by a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC);
  • you can get an EHIC free of charge and it gives you access to any publicly-provided health and medical emergency services in the country where you are taking your winter sports holiday;
  • your EHIC provides a useful back-up or added safety net, but should not be seen as any substitute for more comprehensive snowboarding insurance;

Safety first

Public liability

Don’t invalidate your insurance cover

  • dare-devil adventure and thrill-seeking may be all in a day’s enjoyment of snowboarding (and other types of winter sports), but that is now reason to take risks that are just asking for trouble;
  • amongst just these risks are any attempt on your part to take to your snowboard whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • by doing so, you not only risk life and limb, but also undermine the validity of any snowboarding insurance you may have arranged – if claims for injury or loss follow such an incident, they might well be rejected by your insurer.

Snowboarding now has a committed and passionate band of followers. The thrills may be more extreme, so the safeguards against personal injury and other risks need to be addressed by specialist forms of insurance. That demand is met by snowboarding insurance.