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5 things you need to know about ski insurance

There is nothing as exhilarating as heading down the slopes at one of the top ski resorts in the world. However, at the same time there is nothing as frightening as doing so, if you do not have adequate ski insurance to fall back on. Check out 5 things you need to know about insurance before you take to the slopes.

  • are you taking your own equipment with you or hiring it?;
  • where do you plan on skiing?;
  • why specialist ski cover may be needed;
  • proper protection and adequate equipment;
  • your drinking habits.

Are you going to hire equipment or take it with you?

It really doesn’t matter whether you have your own equipment or you are going to hire it. What typically matters is whether your insurance policy is going to cover the equipment.

There may be some clauses in the policy that dictates about where you keep the equipment when you are not using it. In the event of a claim the insurance provider may typically want the report you made to the police regarding stolen equipment.

Do you go off-piste skiing?

Care needs to be taken if you consider going off-piste skiing and for safety it pays to remain within the areas that are marked and not go exploring away from them.

You might also want to check the insurance policy you take out to determine if it covers you if you were to go off-piste. Typically, if off-piste skiing is included there may be certain terms and conditions. For instance, you may have to be with a qualified guide and always stay in the boundaries of the resort.

Why might specialist insurance needed?

Specialist ski insurance is typically needed when taking part in what are considered to be high risk sports . Skiing along with snowboarding are both generally included in high risk activities.

While you may have some level of travel insurance already, the chances are that it doesn’t cover winter sports.

Proper protection and adequate equipment

It goes without saying that when skiing you benefit from wearing proper protection and having adequate equipment.

Helmets are perhaps one of the most essential parts of any equipment when skiing. If you ski without wearing an adequate helmet you are not only risking serious injury, or worse, if you were to have a fall, you will typically be voiding your insurance policy.

Along with wearing a helmet you may wish to ensure, for your own protection, that you wear gloves, ski goggles and adequate outer clothing for your own protection.

Your drinking habits

Everyone likes a drink when on holiday but there is a time and place to drink alcohol and it is not just before you prepare to go out skiing for the day.

Drinking alcohol before skiing is not only a risk to your health, as it affects your abilities; it may also void your insurance. The chances of having an accident when skiing under the influence of alcohol typically increase.

Enjoy a drink to celebrate a full day of skiing successfully out on the slopes in the evening, but bear in mind that your alcohol level may be affected early the next day.

What next?

Here at Bengo Travel we help you to find the most suitable ski insurance policy to suit your needs along with finding a policy that matches your budget. Why not get a quote now?