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The importance of winter sports insurance

If you are planning a winter sports holiday, there are many preparations to be made including choosing a suitable resort and arranging your transport. However, one of the other things that you may want to consider is buying insurance. Here are some of the main reasons why this can be important:

  • any type of insurance policy may provide you with financial protection in a wide range of scenarios, particularly for medical care should you become ill or injured. Medical costs abroad can be very high, and many people decide to take out insurance to protect themselves;
  • winter sports like skiing and snowboarding typically carry a greater risk than other activities that you may do on a normal holiday. A standard single-trip policy may not typically cover you for medical care if you are injured on the slopes, and often a specialist policy is required;
  • as well as skiing and snowboarding, you may also want to participate in other activities during your holiday. Here at BengoTravel we cover over 300 activities on our winter sports insurance policy, so there is a good chance you will be covered;
  • however, if you are unsure whether an activity you want to do is covered or not, it is always a good idea to check with your insurer before you go. For example, particularly risky activities like off-piste skiing may not always be covered;
  • one potential problem area when you go on a skiing holiday in Europe is the assumption that you will be covered for all your healthcare by the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). However, this card will only provide care in a state hospital to the same standard as a national of the country would receive, and it will not include medical repatriation costs or rescue costs;
  • as well as your health and safety, there are other considerations to keep in mind when you go skiing. If you take your own equipment, for example, you may want to protect yourself financially should it be lost or stolen, and an insurance policy may be able to do this;
  • then there are other things to think about that you may not have to consider on a standard beach holiday. For example, piste closures could limit the amount of time you spend skiing, and it can be incredibly frustrating if you go on a holiday but cannot ski as much as you want to. Some insurance policies may provide compensation for this, so it may be worth considering;
  • in addition, you may want to cover all of the other standard things that are typically included in normal insurance policies, such as personal possessions, trip cancellation, personal accident and flight delays.

These are some of the main reasons why you may want to consider taking out an insurance policy for your winter sports holiday. These holidays typically come with different risks to other types of holidays, so you may well want to travel with peace of mind in the knowledge that you are protected no matter what happens.