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Why you will need specialist insurance if you go skiing this winter

There is one very simple – but overriding – reason why you will need specialist insurance if you plan to go skiing this winter. Most standard travel insurance policies just do not cover skiing holidays, warns a brief guide published by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA).

The same organisation warns that as many as one in three skiers and snowboarders do not arrange the appropriate specialist winter sports insurance.

What are they risking?


It might be tempting to overstate the risk of being injured in a skiing accident. There is an almost inevitable association of the sport with broken bones.

In fact, academic research published by the University of Warwick suggests that the number of accidents involving injury to skiers on slopes in different parts of the world is an average of between just 1.4 and 2.2 for every 1,000 skier days. In percentage terms, that is only 0.14% to 0.22% of all skiers.

Although the numbers involved may be relatively small, however, when things do go wrong the severity of the injuries and the cost of rescue, subsequent medical treatment and possible repatriation tend to make headline news.

The European Commission, for example, has revealed that the costs of a helicopter-aided rescue from a mountainside are in the region of €4,000 to €8,000 (around £3,000 to £6,000), your time in hospital then costs an average of €1,000 a day (about £800), and the flights back home a further €4,000 to €8,000.

Any one accident, in other words, may cost the unfortunate victim more than £20,000.

This may help account for the fact that here at Bengo Travel the medical safety net provided by our winter sports insurance is as much as £2 million even in our more basic packages, rising to £5 million of cover if you choose more comprehensive cover.


The one thing quite properly associated with any skiing holiday, however, is snow – and many people might say the more the better.

Except that is, when an avalanche blocks your very entrance to the ski resort or prevents you leaving the place at the end of your stay.

That is when you might be grateful for the provisions of our winter sports insurance policies which provide compensation for additional nights of accommodation and any increased travel costs which result from such avalanches.

When there is not enough snow and the slopes at your resort are closed as a result, our winter sports insurance compensates you, too, for the loss of skiing opportunities.


In fact, there is a compelling argument for arranging your winter sports insurance as soon as you book the holiday, before you have even left home.

If an illness on your part, or a close family member, occurs, cancellation of the skiing trip might lead to costly loss of the arrangements you have already made. Ski insurance is designed to compensate you for the losses incurred by having to cancel your holiday.

Equipment, baggage and personal possessions

Ski insurance is also designed to help safeguard the theft, loss or damage of your expensive ski equipment and the baggage and other personal possessions you take with you.