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Why you will need specialist insurance if you go skiing

Going on holiday but taking a shortcut when it comes to winter sports insurance? You might want to think again or you may end up going down a slippery slope to disaster. Even if you are a professional skier or you stay on the beginner slopes, you may benefit from insurance financially and for peace of mind.

Why you may wish to consider insurance

When going on a holiday skiing or snowboarding you are faced with all the things that may occur on a holiday anywhere else, such as theft of belongings, illness or accident. However, when you put slippery slopes of snow and a pair of skis on your feet, together, you increase the risk of accident or injury. That’s not to say you will suffer injury or accident, but there is an increase in the risk.

Insurance typically covers this so you don’t have to worry about financial implications if the worst were to happen and you needed repatriation or flying off the slopes to hospital. It was said that 10% of people out of four thousand asked, didn’t know if they were in fact covered for winter sports when taking a holiday on the slopes.

Here are some things to consider if you are debating on whether to take out insurance:

  • if you travel to North America to ski you may be faced with costs that spiral into many thousands of pounds if the worst were to happen;
  • repatriation may cost up to £23,000 to be brought home from the US ski slopes and up to £11, 500 from skiing on the slopes of Europe;
  • average costs for treatment and rescue from a mountain many be up to 550 Euros;
  • if a helicopter rescue is needed it may cost as much as 3,500 Euros;
  • a fractured bone may cost around 3,000 Euros.

A report from December 2015 suggested that more people than ever are taking to the slopes and accidents may arise from the result of overcrowding on slopes. This applies more so as people head to high altitudes to get privacy or find better snow. Insurance may typically cover all or part of some of the costs above. Now what do you think about taking out winter sports insurance?

Staying safe on the slopes

While you are on holiday to enjoy yourself it pays to have a level head and be sensible at all times when skiing or snowboarding. This may help to keep the chance of injury down.

With this in mind you may want to leave the drinking until after you have put your skis away for the day. If you have been drinking and were to suffer an accident while under the influence, the insurance policy may not cover you. Also take into account that if you drink heavily the night before it may not pay to go out skiing early morning as the alcohol may still be in your system.

Here at Bengo Travel we recommend you taking the correct safety precautions of course when taking part in any winter sports, for instance wearing the correct equipment and helmet. These precautions go towards helping you to stay safe on the slopes. Also ensure that you take out adequate winter sports insurance for your needs and those of your family instead of focusing only on the cost.