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Why you will need specialist insurance if you go skiing this winter

According to the Telegraph newspaper (February 2015), snow was late in coming to the Alps this season. The good news is, if course, that this leaves plenty of opportunities still for a late-season skiing holiday.

Although most people who travel abroad these days are aware of the importance of travel insurance, there may be some who overlook the importance of arranging specialist winter sports insurance – rather than relying on standard travel insurance – when planning a skiing trip.

Here are some reasons why you may need specialist cover, where you might buy it, and other considerations you might want to take into account:


  • specialist winter sports insurance is necessary for the very simple reason that standard travel insurance is unlikely to cover activities such as skiing;
  • there are particular risks to which you may be exposed on a skiing holiday – not least of which is the potential for accidents, emergencies and other events requiring prompt medical attention;
  • a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) may give you limited access to emergency services if your skiing resort is within the EU, but what it does not cover, for example, is the cost of your repatriation back home – costs which may easily amount to several tens of thousands of pounds;
  • neither does the EHIC make any provision for a relative to travel to your resort to accompany you while you recover from a serious accident;
  • a good, specialist winter sports insurance policy on the other hand may typically include just these provisions;


  • if these are some of the safeguards you are after from your winter sports cover, therefore, you might want to arrange it through a specialist provider;
  • at Bengo Travel we provide just such cover, offering the safeguards and protection you may need not only for your skiing holiday but also for a long list of other winter sports activities;

Other considerations

  • specialist insurance may also be necessary for providing protection against a number of other risks in addition to medical and emergency cover;
  • public liability indemnity, for example, may be an important safeguard against potentially very expensive claims from any third party who happens to suffer personal injury or has their property damaged as a result of your actions or failure to act;
  • the equipment you may take with you on a skiing holiday is likely to be of appreciable value and you may want to ensure that your winter sports insurance provides adequate cover for its theft, loss or damage;
  • your skiing holiday depends of course on your being able to reach your resort – which might be blocked off or closed following avalanches or especially heavy falls of snow;
  • in case events like this prevent you from getting to your resort – or indeed from leaving it at the end of your holiday – you might also want to ensure that your insurance provides appropriate compensation for lost days skiing or for alternative accommodation that might be needed.

If you plan to take advantage of the later skiing season this year, therefore, you might want to ensure that you have arranged the appropriate, specialist winter sports insurance.